Legal Aid

The Legal Clinic provides a variety of legal services for people in Guelph and Wellington County,  including referrals, summary advice, brief services, representation, and public legal education. This includes giving you advice about your situation, helping you complete forms, and representing you at court or tribunal hearings.

Information about other community legal clinics in the province of Ontario can be found HERE.

Legal Aid Ontario has a statutory mandate to promote access to justice throughout Ontario for low-income individuals by means of:

  1. Providing consistently high quality legal aid services in a cost-effective and efficient manner;
  2. Encouraging and facilitating flexibility and innovation in the provision of legal aid services;
  3. Identifying, assessing and recognizing the diverse legal needs of low-income individuals and of disadvantaged communities in Ontario; and
  4. Providing legal aid services to low-income individuals through a corporation that will operate independently from the Government of Ontario but within a framework of accountability to the Government of Ontario for the expenditure of public funds.