Legal Support Groups

Since 1974, CLEO (Community Legal Education Ontario) has developed clear, accurate, and practical legal rights education and information to help people understand and exercise their legal rights. Our work focuses on providing information to people who face barriers to accessing the justice system, including income, disability, literacy, and language. As a community legal clinic and part of Ontario's legal aid system, we work in partnership with other legal clinics and community organizations across the province.

FLIC services are available in family courts across Ontario. At the FLIC you can find information about separation and divorce and related family law issues, family justice services, alternative forms of dispute resolution, local community resources and court processes.

Information and Referral Coordinators (IRCs) are available at designated times to help you understand your needs and to make referrals to appropriate services. IRCs can give you information about family mediation and other ways to solve your issues without going to court.

The National Self-Represented Litigants Project works to promote dialogue and collaboration among all those affected by the self-represented litigant phenomenon, both justice system professionals and litigants themselves. NSRLP is committed to information and resource-sharing on the SRL phenomenon among all interested and affected parties.

TAG is a joint venture of the Law Foundation of Ontario and the LSUC aimed at bringing together institutions, political entities and community stakeholders in an effort to facilitate and promote access to justice.

The Human Rights Legal Support Centre offers human rights legal services to individuals throughout Ontario who have experienced discrimination. The Centre's services range from legal assistance in filing an application at the Tribunal to legal representation on human rights applications.